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Our Motto

Our motto ls NEW INDIA, OUR CULTURE, USE Swadeshi With this concept in mind, we started our journey In the year 2010. And till date, we have successfully completed numerous events, programs In various states of the country. We have a plan to reach 29 states in India to promote our dream project.

Founder - IMFL
Ms. Sonia Mayers

At the onset of an overwhelming response, we successfully completed 3 shows and now we intend to move towards the 4th spectacle with a vision of taking this show to 29 states, concluding the motive to meet Honourable Prime Minister, Narendra Modi to pennant this initiative.

An idealistic concept of Be Indian, Buy Indian is the core objective raised with this thought as Swadeshi, the adjectival form, means- One's own country hence every home in India should use and promote Indian products, produced in India which will lead to increase in Indian merchants' income leading to the rise of Indian economy, positioning more investors and sellers, simply because Indian goods are better in quality, guarantee and have better life of material. This movement holds the potential to elevate the value of Indian currency and also to facilitate ample job opportunities which will add up to the advancement and economical progress as well. To walk hand in hand with our PM’s dream of Made in India, we are highly motivated to revive the long lost artistic, creative and useful products and to create more employment opportunities in our country.

A large number of exhibitors including NGOs, charity organizations, underprivileged children, artisans, small establishments, upcoming designers with handmade products would be a part of this event which will be the most generous and exclusive live marketing. The main highlights of the show include promoting our cultural art form with youth free lifestyle education for 3 days for approximately 4 -5 hrs each day, paving the way for new designers to showcase their talent with unique ideas, encourage current trendsetters to display distinctive designs, tribal and ethnic apparel to endow the purest form of Indian culture and ethos supported by zealous and ardent models (teens and kids) who will be on the ramp to support the astounding attire. Cultural dance forms, patriotic songs by kids and various talents from the country will be performing to mesmerize the audience. High profile dignitaries and distinguished celebrities from Film fraternity will grace the show. Few to name, Mrs. Amruta Fadnavis, Padma Shree Pandit Birju Maharaj.Padmashree Uma role. Bharat Ratna Sandip Soparkkar.Bollywood Actor Jackie shroff and Sonali Raut.

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